Aarik Danielsen of the Columbia Tribune names Holy White Hounds show as one to NOT MISS.

Des Moines rockers Holy White Hounds have positioned themselves at the fulcrum of rock ’n’ roll’s age-old tension. The band sits between the profane and sacred, in the very middle of the seduction-repulsion spectrum. Even its name, member Brenton Dean said on its website, gets to the heart of this. “We’re dirty but we’re not unclean,” he said. “We’re mangy but you’d still let us sleep in your bed.” Musically, this identity is manifest in a sound that dives deep into the black, beating heart of alternative rock. In one moment, the band can play a smart pop passage and flash you a Beck-like Cheshire Cat grin; at the next, it plunges listeners into a dark place with punishing guitars. Holy White Hounds has shared stages with Cake, Rob Zombie and Cage the Elephant, the diversity of that list hinting at its distinct but well-fused set of influences. In Columbia, it will play Cafe Berlin with Lawrence, Kan. act Psychic Heat, a buzzy, guitar-driven band dressed in psychedelic hairshirts.
— Aarik Danielsen | Columbia Tribune