Brenton Dean on the Midwest Music Scene

Brenton Dean fronts Des Moines rock ā€˜nā€™ roll act Holy White Hounds. The band is expecting to release a new record in 2015.

Q: We should be hearing a new record from Holy White Hounds soon. Can you share details on the release? What can we expect to hear?

A: Our new record will be coming out in 2015. Details on the release are up in the air right now because of all the work that goes into releasing a record. For anyone familiar with our band ā€” I think they come to our shows expecting a certain release of energy from the band and for himself or herself. The energy of our band was captured brilliantly by our producer, Brandon Darner.
— Brenton Dean on the Midwest Music Scene | Matthew Leimkuehler | DM Juice

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