Keep an ear on Holy White Hounds

“Want a beer? Want nine?”

That’s the greeting Holy White Hounds singer/guitarist Brenton Dean gave in the driveway of his Ankeny home where the Des Moines rock band practices. Practice was over, but the Hounds’ evening wasn’t.

The four-piece band plays hard, but in the last few years it has also become more intensely focused on its music. The group occupies a unique niche among the sea of indie and hard rock bands filled with 20-somethings in Des Moines: Holy White Hounds is just rock and roll. There’s no pretense, no attempts to fit some subcategory. Think early Foo Fighters or Queens of the Stone Age. They’re not trying to be a band that everyone would love, but they’re not instantly turning away certain listeners with labels, either.

In recent months, that has meant more sold-out shows, bigger shows and interest from smaller labels for the band’s forthcoming full-length debut. And the Hounds are just as at home performing with a band like Parlours as opening for Rob Zombie.
— Joe Lawler | The Des Moines Register