Dave Murphy's Oh Mama EP Review

The Dig Angees were a favorite of mine. Their offshoot, La Strange, was one of the first reviews I ever did. Now as Holy White Hounds, they have perfected their surf rock leanings into great pure rock and roll. I have mentioned several different shows they have had over the last few years, and even some of singer Brenton Dean’s solo shows. Yet somehow, when it came time to compile my favorite music of 2013, I completely spaced on their EP Oh Mama.

This was, of course, a ridiculous oversight. Any of the five tracks from this EP could’ve made the best songs list, but since I have a rule and can only pick one, it has to be the single “Switchblade”. I love every single thing about “Switchblade”. I love the opening sneaky guitar riff, I love the vivid lyrics and I love the pacing. The absolute best thing about it, though, is the roughly 90 second instrumental break where the Hounds really open up and show what they can do as musicians and just general noise makers. It is scratchy and rough, yet somehow silky and gorgeous.
— Dave Murphy | Des Moines is Not Boring